Peace Treaties {Shattered}

Posted: February 11, 2015 in Poetry
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Another old piece.

The basis of a peace treaty…is agreement…But why to do we go to war in the first place? Can’t we respect each other enough to understand that we are all humans; sharing this earth? And what’s worse, we often break treaties for our own selfish gains…I just don’t believe that how we are supposed to be in this world…

I wonder why we can’t have peace…?
I wonder why the beast seems to dominate our state of affairs…Beset with problems which nobody cares for…with arguments over resources…The source of which is rooted in between those on opposite sides of the imaginary lines…Blinded themselves to the times…Can’t seem to realize we all share this land…Or they choose to ignore…Go to war…There is a victor…And victims…A never ending system of self-defeat…So the “peace” treaty follows…However…

Too many times we don’t abide by the bylaws of the paper we sign…Filled with lies…Before the ink even dried, treaties were scorned then torn…No matter what form…No matter what style…All in good faith? No…All we do is make mockeries of different peoples…Claiming they’re feeble and should be controlled…Force them to enter our fold through loopholes and blatant hate…Now we own them…

The violations of the universal rights…Freedom and the right to life keeps getting denied…Pieces of paper mean nothing today…We raising our kids in all the wrong ways…Making them think they better than others..Our future is in the gutter…No hope for peace…It’s all I see now…

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