Posted: November 2, 2013 in Poetry
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Intro: Old style, but faithful…

The “Secret Life of Plants”
Why must most of us need to look up to the sky to be in awe and inspired to succeed…When right below our feet, the ground speaks…The roots of the trees communicate in a type of speech that can reach many more…yet we choose to ignore the tip-toes of the hairs on the roots that speak to the soil dwelling microbes that “fix” N2 to allow plants to grow…While the water that flows into the ground, absorbed through the roots, away from the view of the many who choose to ignore…The only part we play is to tear away a plant from its home…Often leaving nothing else to grow…the soil tears and turns dry, for the exchange of nutrients is essential to life…But the “precious lives” of the privelaged commands the death of plants and their caretakers that can’t fight back…This lack of respect reflects on our dark ways towards life…

If only we would understand…
This symphony of thoughts and dreams of a plant to grow, expand, and please the Lord in neverending grace…In a state of constant praise…
Praising The Creator who gives the power of sentience…Something we rarely mention…Perhaps the tension of the very idea that plants are more than just “alive” would finally make us realize not to take everything and waste for our own selfish gain…We couldn’t even breathe without these tinges of green that we now explain away as ours for the taking…Breaking the natural regenerative cycles…Unbridled disgrace that will be the undoing of the “human race” if the pace of this loss of life will not come to a halt…

This greenery…This natural scenery that The Creator placed on earth for us to to be amazed by His unimaginable grace…so why do we continue to take and disrespect the natural order of His plans…Just because we don’t understand the language of these now languishing plants…Doesn’t give us the right to harm them to no end…We must protect and preserve this earth and all the beings from the smallest microbe to the biggest tree… And all that lies in between the paths we carve…Let’s add to the world’s natural Art…Get inspired by the “Secret Lives of Plants” Hidden in plain sight…Till we look again…And realize and comprehend all these connections between all biota…We’re just a “chohta” piece of neverending puzzling lifecycle that breathes…Please…Let’s hope we now will breathe in harmony with all the the world’s beings…Eternal harmony…

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