Once upon a Time – Chapter I

Posted: March 15, 2016 in Poetry
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One of my earliest attempts at writing a story spanning multiple songs. Inspired by instrumental Raujika – Fairy Tale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4AhdzxFung

A total of 3 chapters were written with a 4th one on the mind, but for years I left the story unfinished. Until I stumbled across this gem from one of my favorite composers on YouTube: July – 되돌아가다


I expanded it to a total of 7 chapters to complete the story. However I feel that there can be much more added as side stories and/or character studies. This is territory I’m not so familiar with lyrically, but have always wanted to take part in. I’ve changed my writing style over the years and that will be reflected greatly as more chapters are posted.

I’ve also written smaller stories in songs before such as Intensity:


But this is different. Hopefully it’s a worthy attempt on my part; certainly a heartfelt one for sure.

And so begins…


Chapter I – Little Boy’s Story

Once upon a time there was a little boy who wanted to go to school…Wanted to be something…Wanted to be a doctor…Wanted to help…Wanted to do good…

Father was farmer…Who’s Karma should’ve meant he would prosper…Instead the land lay decrepit…Father’s cheerful remarks remain tepid…Seems he stepped in too deep…Too poor to make ends meet…Dust lays under his kids’ bare feet…Dustbowl repeats…Is this the only life they will see? What a tragedy this story may turn out to be…

A man shows up to father’s “home”…Wanting to take all that father owns…Failed to pay back the loans…Little boy doesn’t understand the angry rants that the father must stand to hear…The Man leaves…Father stares…Little boy wonders…

While this little boy watches his father toil…The soil decays…It seems there is no way…Each day the sun’s rays seems to burn the family that still prays for rains…Physically drained…yet everyday they still pray….spiritually starved…How hard are their lives…? Once again that man appears…strikes fear in the father’s eyes…Tells his kids to go inside and be with mom…Through the paper thin walls, they can hear the sounds…As the father hits the ground…Stained with blood from the bruises and cuts he suffers at the hands of this merciless other…

Little boy goes to the local place…Tries to strengthen his faith through patience and prayer…Some of those around proceed to say that there is a way…As he listens closely…

There is a way to gain an education…Put food on the table…Finances to keep the family stable…Almost sounds like a happy fable…With a moral that says faith rewards us all…Stay Strong! Stay Strong!

That’s what the teachers say…Nothing more amazing than seeing that smile on the little boy’s face…Knowing today he could stuff his face full with food with no bills due…No more loan sharks…The days that were so hard are in the past…With the math and reading the little boy’s face is teeming with light and hope for the day in which he could serve his community and his Lord in the right way that’s personified through his dreams…Wishing he could help those with few, if any means…Such an innocent boy with so much hope…

Every day he goes home and smiles…Father can’t believe his eyes…Their prayers have finally been “realized”…”Angels” provide the “beginning” to a new life with less strife…Little boy learns to read and write…Each night his eyes close, confident with path he’s chosen…Connected by the beams of light in the night sky…A wondrous sight indeed…Yet thoughts in his mind continue to chide him for a reason we will all see…But for now he drifts into a peaceful sleep…Mother tucks him in…For a little boy requires love to become a man…Love is often the last piece that stands to fall when all else is lost…

As the days pass…

Little boy keeps learning more about the world…His thoughts shaped by those who teach…Molded into a human being with a belief that can never be breached…Now preaches to the princes and paupers on how to live proper…Surrogate father approves of this “son” and wonders if he could be another one…A beacon of hope to the masses…A hero…

“Do you want to be a hero?”

“Do you want unmatched praise?”

He offered him a way towards unlimited praise that would permeate through all the societal cracks and crevices…the beginning of his genesis into a legend…He makes the suggestion…Little boy’s mind, heart, and soul are now all torn…What to do…? What to do…?

I…I choose…

Surrogate father prepares him for more lessons to learn in this life…Shares heart-wrenching stories of sin and redemption…Little boy feels so much apprehension…realizes the only way his ascension would be secured would be to endure this “rite of passage”…

Starts to learn a Sacred Text…Passage after passage…Perfecting his inflections…Never ending attention is paid towards each divine line…He becomes a mental scribe…He trains his thoughts towards the words of “God”?

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